Cyclovac Central "Diplomat" H925 hybrid, with attachment kit 24V




Limited quantity available. 

Central vacuum Diplomat hybrid with attachment kit 24V including Super Luxe brush 12" (30.5 cm) - hose 35' (10.67 m)


  • Airwatts 625
  • Decibels 65
  • Air flow 116 CFM | 197 CMH
  • Water lift 161.5 in | 4102 mm
  • MAX amps 14.5
  • Voltage 120
  • Stage 2


  • Hybrid

  • Bag capacity 5 gal US | 22 L [С093]
  • Canister capacity 5.3 gal US | 23.3 L
  • Height 40 in | 101.6 cm
  • Diameter 14.1 in | 35.8 cm
  • Weight 31.8 lb | 14.4 kg
  • This model is perfect for homes with lots of carpets, for heavy debris suction or for a high wall mounted installation. It is the ultimate model for the retractable hose system.

  • Recommendations :

    • Type of residence : houses
    • Approximative area* : 1,115 m2 (12,000 ft2)

Due to its incredible suction strength, this 2 motor unit is ideal for homes with multiple Retractable System inlets. It will efficiently retract the hose into the piping system, and allow you to vacuum larger debris.

A Healthy Choice
Cyclovac hybrid and bag models are equipped with a HEPA type filter that captures 99.5% of particles at 0.3 µm, so you can breathe easier.

The unique and exclusive carbon dust filtration system* captures that fine black dust produced by the motor, and usually deposited on surfaces surrounding your vacuum unit. This way, you are sure to breathe easier.



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