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CycloVac DL615 Residential (without bag) DF

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This model, even more powerful than Cyclovac's E315, is mostly suitable for larger homes. Featuring our unique and exclusive DataSync technology, this unit allows for the selection of four power levels, and provides instructions needed for its maintenance. This information is available on the hose handle as well as on an LCD monitor integrated onto the power unit. This unit is also equipped with a washable Cyclofilter provided with an antimicrobial treatment that inhibits the growth of mold, bacteria and fungi. Not only does it maintain superior indoor air quality by eliminating germs and allergens, it's also environmentally friendly and economical.


Central vacuum DL615
Airwatts 700
Decibels 58
Air flow 138 CFM / 234 CMH
Water lift H2O 138.1 " / 3508 mm
Amps MAX 14.5 A
Voltage 120 V
Turbines 2
Bag capacity Not available
Receptacle capacity 6.3 US gal / 27.8 l
Height 35.8 " / 90.93 cm
Diameter 14.1 " / 35.8 cm
Weight 34 lb / 15.4 kg
Principle Cyclonic action
Filtration Cyclofiltre TM + anticlogging filter

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