Electrolux / Sanitaire / Eureka S / S / HF-1 Filter 3M




  • Pack of 1 filter
  • Electrolux / Sanitaire / Eureka S / S / HF-1 Filter 3M Filtrete Fits Models EUREKA 6100, 6230, Air Extreme (6500 Series), Whirlwind (6510 Series), 6970-6990 Series Canisters. ELECTROLUX ErgoSpace (EL4100 Series), Maximus (EL4200 Series), Harmony and Ultra Silencer (EL6980 Series), Oxygen (EL6988, EL6989 Series), Oxygen (EL7020 Series) and Twin Clean (EL7055 Series) Canisters and select Uprights, including Aptitude (EL5010 Series), Oxygen 3 (EL5030 Series) and Versatility (EL8500 Series). Sanitaire SP6950 and SP5035, SC530 Series. 

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