Miele Original AirClean 3D Efficiency FJM dustbags




AirClean 3D Efficiency FJM dustbags
ensures that dust picked up stays inside the machine.

  • Compatible with:
    Compact C2 / Compact C1 / Complete C1 / S6000 - S6999 S6 / S4000 - S4999 S4 / S700 - S799 / S500 - S578 / S300i - S399 / S290 - S299 / S241 - S256i
  • Filters more than 99.9% of all dust particles
  • Maximum efficiency when vacuuming at low power level
  • Maximum utilization of the full bag capacity
  • Clean bag replacement thanks to automatic bag closure
  • Contents: 4 dustbags, 1 motor protection and 1 exhaust filter

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