Miele Original Parquet Twister floorhead SBB 300-3 PQ




For gentle and effortless cleaning of sensitive hard floors.

  • Particularly agile thanks to its unique double swivel joint
  • Reaches small gaps and crevices with ease
  • Soft natural bristles glide gently and smoothly across the floor
For parquet floors and other sensitive hard floors
Many hard floors such as parquet, laminate, polished stone and high-quality tiles scratch easily. Miele parquet brushes have been developed to maintain the beautiful appearance of your delicate floors. They clean your beautiful floors particularly gently yet thoroughly. With its soft bristles the Miele parquet floorhead glides across the floor gently and easily.

For durable hard floors
Their high-quality, robust fibres brush even the finest dust from deep crevices and gaps - ideal for thorough cleaning of heavy-duty tiled and textured hard floors.

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