Electrolux OEM S-Filter HEPA Washable

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  • Electrolux OEM S-Filter HEPA Washable

  • Harmony, Oxygen, Ultra Silencer (EL6980 and EL7060 Series), Oxygen 3 (EL7000-EL7020 Series), Twin Clean (EL7050 Series), ErgoSpace (EL4100 Series), Maximus (EL4200 Series), UltraActive (EL4300-EL4320 Series), JetMaxx (EL4040 Series), Versatility (EL4050 Series), UltraCaptic (EL4650 Series) and UltraOne (EL7070-EL7080 Series) Canisters and select Uprights, including Aptitude (EL5010 Series), Oxygen 3 (EL5030 Series) and Versatility (EL8500 Series)

  • Pack of 1 filter

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