EPURAIR annual replacement kit VRC85 / VRC95




  • Annual replacement filters kit for Epurair air exchanger:

    Epurair VRC85

    Epurair VRC95

    Epurair VRC195

    Epurair RCFM150

    Epurair ERV-S15 (ERVS15)

    Package Includes 4 activated carbon filters.  Enough for two complete replacements.

    It is important to replace your activated carbon air filter every 6 months in order to maintain optimal performance of the air exchange and improve the indoor air quality in your house. 

    Use only genuine Epurair replacement filters.  They are manufactured to ensure maximum performance of you unit. 

    This annual filter kit contain 4 activated carbon air filters optimized for your Epurair air exchange unit.  They help to reduce odor and remove airborne dust that could damage your heat recovery core.

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