Miele Boost CX1 Bagless Vacuum




Made in Germany

A great compact vacuum cleaner with enormous suction power, great maneuverability, incredible filtration system and easy-to-maintain.

  • High Quality
    High-quality construction and extensive quality testing ensure a long service life with the Boost CX1.
    The Boost CX1 convinces with its quality in every detail and comes with a 5 year warranty.

    - Powerline Motor – 1200 Watt
    - 10-meter operating radius
    - Hygiene AirClean Filter
    - Universal brush: SBD 365-3 

  • Exceptional cleaning performance 
    Using Vortex technology, the Boost CX1 provides powerful cleaning performance
    with airflow of up to 100 km/h

  • Compact Design
    The Boost CX1's compact design makes it ideal for small spaces, like condos or apartments. 
  • Agile and maneuverable
    The Boost CX1 impresses with its movement and
    can be maneuvered with pinpoint accuracy.  TrackDrive prevents collisions with furniture and lateral swerving.

  1. Dustbin
  2. Power Cable
  3. Park system
  4. Handle
  5. Size-adjustable telescopic tube

  6. Carrying handle
  7. Exhaust air filter
  8. Suction hose
  9. Dust container handle
  10. Connection point
  11. Floor tool
  12. Foot button for cable rewind
  13. Rotary dial for suction control
  14. Power switch

For the first time ever, the Boost CX1 features two large wheels mounted on the side of the vacuum body. This lateral positioning of the TrackDrive wheels provides additional stability. This prevents unintentional impacts into furniture or door frames, especially in tight living situations.

Additionally, two more casters are attached to the underside. These comprise of of a 360° swiveling caster on a steel axle and a smaller wheel that adds stability.
This allows the Boost CX1 to be maneuvered precisely.

The three-piece accessory set can be attached to the handle of the Boost CX1 with the Vario clip. Using this clip, the accessories are always directly on-hand and ready to use.

  1. The dusting brush is perfect for gentle cleaning on delicate surfaces
  2. The upholstery tool ideal for drawing out fine dust from couch cushions and mattresses
  3. The crevice tool is ideal for easy cleaning of otherwise hard-to-reach areas and corners

To put the Boost CX1 into parked mode, the telescopic tube connector can be inserted into the groove on the side of the vacuum body. Push down to completely connect the tube.  
By using the Parksystem, transporting and storing the Boost CX1 is done with ease. 

Suction Control:
The four-stage suction power selector on the Boost CX1 allows the user to more effectively clean different flooring types and surfaces. Almost all other bagless systems in the market offer limited controls, but not Miele: the four defined power levels (with anything in-between) allow the suction power to be adjusted as needed.

With the ability to control the suction power, a wide variety of floor coverings and surfaces are easily and effectively cleaned. 

Strong cleaning performance:
The Boost CX1 impresses with its powerful cleaning performance using innovative Vortex technology. This achieves particularly effective dust separation and strong dust pickup with low noise emission.  
High dust separation thanks to Vortex technology:
The Boost CX1 uses the Vortex system, which is based on monocyclone technology. Here, the incoming air is brought to a speed of up to 100 km/h, so that fine dust and coarse particles are separated by the centrifugal force inside the vacuum cleaner. This allows for a very strong dust pickup.  
Maximum Hygiene:
Not only powerful, but also hygienic and clean in no time: Thanks to a three-stage filter system, the Boost CX1 not only ensures outstanding cleanliness during vacuuming but can also be easily emptied and cleaned after use.
The three-stage filter system ensures that all the incoming particles entering the Boost CX1 is caught at various filter stations. As a result, the discharged air is even cleaner than the room air.  

  1. Vortex technology in the first filter stage achieves excellent separation of coarse dirt and fine dust. Coarse particles fall into the dust container. This means that hardly any dust is stirred up during emptying.
  2. In the second filter stage, the fine dust filter captures the remaining fine dust.
  3. The exhaust air filter retains even the smallest particles in the third filter stage. For exceptionally clean room air.

Dustbin with "Click2open"
The dust container of the Boost CX1 has a capacity of one liter. No real effort is required to empty the dust container. It can be easily removed via its carrying handle.  

Via the Click2open mechanism, the flap of the dust container opens and stops at an angle of approx. 90 degrees. This way, the coarse particles fall easily into the waste container.

Hygienic emptying:
The centrifugal force in the dust container ensures efficient separation between coarse dirt and fine dust. This process enables particularly hygienic emptying of the dust container, as hardly any fine dust is stirred up. No "dust clouds" when emptying!

  • Strong dust collection
  • High dust separation
  • Very low noise: 78dB(A)

Thanks to the separation of coarse material and fine dust due to Vortex technology combined with the Click2open system, very little dust is stirred up during emptying: this makes it possible to empty the Boost CX1 quickly and hygienically.

A great compact vacuum cleaner with enormous suction power, great maneuverability, incredible filtration system and easy-to-maintain.

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